That One About Hater

(#NulisRandom2015 day 2)

I was miraculously inspired in the early morning, especially when this topic comes to my mind and I was like, “Oh God I need to write about this.” I mean, who haven’t even have haters in their life?

Needless to say, I’ve been dealing with a lot of haters since I was in high school. I had to put up with a lot of back talks and gossips that I know none of them were completely true. People always tried to bring my weak point, using them as their sole weapon because they knew they weren’t capable of confronting me in person, thus creating numerous talks. At some point I don’t understand what could possibly bring someone to completely hate a person. Anger? Jealousy? Fear? Threaten? If those were the reasons, why do you feel that it was enough to hate someone so damn much that you put yourself to spread bad things about that person?

Are you driven by your anger?
If yes, I’m sincerely apologize. I dunno whether things that I said during class presentation and I asked sarcastically to your deranged presentation group, or any other things I said that accidentally offended you, I don’t get your point of anger.

Are you driven by your jealousy?
If it is so, what do envy from me? Is it because I’m smarter than you, or is it for a fact that you couldn’t done anything as good as I am because apparently I think I’m a lot better than you?

Or are your driven by your fear?
Your fear of not being able to be someone who’s as open as I am, someone who’s capable of seeing things from a lot of perspective, someone who’s surprisingly adored by a lot people due to the complex personality.

Or is it due to the fact that your mind was still closed to certain issues? Yes, I know for the fact that you can’t accept people who ‘played for another team’. You scared that those people might fallen for you and you got not other choice but to feel disgusted. I know it is disturbing for you, but is it even mature enough to spread things, saying that I’m ‘playing for another team’? Saying that I once confessed my feeling, asking a GUY to be my boyfriend? Seriously? Like, is that the best rumour that you can come up with? Are you seriously putting up THAT as your foundation of hating me?

Oh bother….

p.s: And, yes, I’m just exposing you online. Your welcome 🙂


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