#SayNoToFastFood (and Stop Shaming on Me)

No to fast food!

Hello, peeps!

How you doing?

First, I’d like to say Eid Mubarak to all the Muslims around the world! We’re finally conquered our the holy month of Ramadhan and off to celebrate the ever glorious of Eid ul-Fitr. Hope you guys had a wonderful time celebrating it with your dearest family and relatives.

I’ve been pretty much busy with Ramadhan and such, thus delaying my time to post anything on my blog. I would, however, try to do my best to back on posting regularly, whether you’re looking forward to it or not.

Well, let’s move to what I have in my mind right now.

Fast food.

Fast freaking food.

Really, who wouldn’t love them? Back to the time when I was a little big with a big stomach, I used to love to any available fast food restaurant in my town. Mostly, I went there with my parents to get the toys that was promoted by the specific fast food restaurant. I enjoyed my time, honest. It was also become a habit to get those greasy foods every weekends, especially when my dad picked me up at school, we would went straight to McDonald’s and enjoy a burger combo or chicken combo.

However, recently, when I saw myself as a well-educated and mature-thinking guy, who just got to his early 20’s, I try my best to avoid consuming ANY fast food, especially those whose brands are already popular enough in the public’s ears.

Honestly, now that I think about it, I don’t see any benefits of consuming those oily, unhealthy foods.

I do love to eat, that’s why I’m fat. I’m thinking of joining a gym and train myself as hard as possible to gain a better body and life. But, hey, would it be necessary to degrade my opinion about fast food and my constant decline of eating at those restaurant?

Really, I don’t get it.

People always considered everything that I said as a joke. Last week, I said to my friends when we decided to eat out for an Iftar, “No, really, I don’t want to eat fast food anymore.” Then they laughed, “Seriously? You? C’mon, don’t be a jerk.” I was pretty much confused. What kind of jerk who didn’t want to eat fast food for the sake of that jerk’s health? Is it really wrong for me to avoid it? Or people would just really blind to see that consuming fast food should never be done on regular basis?

Okay, it’s your opinion to have fast foods every weeks, or even everyday, I won’t even care.

But do you really have to be a bitch about what I want to and don’t want to eat? I’m saying that I don’t want fast foods just because it’s not freaking healthy, yet people always see that kind of opinion, coming for a big fat guy like me, as a joke. Do people seriously think that fat people only eat fast foods? Well, then most people would definitely be fat, since 90% of my friends loved to hang around at the fast food restaurant and grab their meal there.

Stop shaming on fat people!

Also, stop eating at fast food restaurant. Really, once you were as educated as I do, you would know that there’s no benefits you would get when you’re chomping on those chicken legs and deep-fried french fries.

I dare myself to only eat fast foods once every two months, or better not eating it all. And for all of you who just making fun of me for not wanting to eat fast foods, that’s fine; someday you’ll understand.

It’s just a matter of opinion.



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