That Type of Guy

Maybe not the "work out" part, yet....

I’m that type of guy that loves cats more than anything else.
To the point of an obsession, probably. My family and neighbors might consider me as a crazy cat guy. Yet no, I’m not so desperate for love towards humans. I just love animals and cats are on top of my list of favorite animals, along with panda and elephant.

I’m that type of guy that NEVER ever get into the trend of playing Clash of Clans (CoC).
Really, as much as I love playing games on my phone (as I’m yet capable of purchasing a new console), I never had a special place in my heart for CoC. It’s just not my genre and didn’t even worth playing. Hashtag sorry/not sorry.

I’m that type of guy that likes cooking and even bookmarked certain pages showing recipes and how-to cook.
What can I say; I love cooking as much as I love eating. Maybe my humble love for it grew once I start watching Masterchef and had been following it ever since. Also, I dream of owning a 5⭐ restaurant, too.

I’m that type of guy that ALWAYS and ALWAYS been terrible at sport.
Thus resulting on my bad physical condition. I do still love playing sport once in awhile. But if I’m getting worse at it, I would stop so I won’t embarrass myself.

I’m that type of guy that speaks in a very delicate voice.
Mainly in the moment when I have to show some respect or manner. My softer voice somehow relaxed me and enable me to speak nicely without any disturbances; some kind of confidence or such. Still, I do tried my best to speak in manlier and heavier voice just to show how determine and brave I am. Don’t judge my voice, m’kay?

I’m that type of guy that barely follows any current songs.
Honestly, music these days never fancies me. Yes, there might be a few of songs that good to my ears, but all I can hear by far is all about ass, boobs, and drugs. Nope.

I’m that type of guy that secretly loves idols.
I may not look like one, right? Japanese idols, to be precise, especially those that came from the anime. My favorites are Sonoda Umi and Nishikino Maki  from Love Live, as well as Miura Azusa and Kisaragi Chihaya from Idolm@ster. Yes, I love idols with distinct and strong voice.

I’m that type of guy that loves texting/chatting with emojis.
Emojis rule! I do love it when I have to thoroughly pick which emojis that suit the text that I’m about to send. I know it’s weird, but hey, I love doing it and I’m not ashamed of it. You guys should try using emojis, emoticons, or whatever you called it, even more. It’s fun and brighten the text message.

I’m that type of guy that put loyalty above everything.
I do hate backstabbers and traitor – I mean, who doesn’t? If you were in a relationship with me, or if you were happen to be my best friends, you should consider being loyal to me as your partner and friend. You just don’t want to see me rage due to my loyalty betrayed. You just don’t.

I’m that type of guy that loves to re-watching old animes.
Because I love the story, that’s all. K-On!, Idolm@ster, Lovely Complex, Non Non Biyori, anything that screams ‘slice of life’ and ‘comedy’ always fascinates me.

I’m that type of guy that find it hard to fall in love with someone.
In the past, I may be the one who’s easily to be head over heels with someone. However, due to my past as well, I don’t really take any sh*t about love and stuff. I just want to live my single life happily without any commitment. You just got to take it easy when it comes to love, right?

I’m that type of guy that despite being in the early 20, still loves watching cartoons.
I admit, I love SpongeBob and Amazing World of Gumball, sometimes still re-watching Fairly OddParents too. Who doesn’t love those cartoons anyway? And yes, I do love animation movies over any other genre.

I’m that type of guy that hates smoking.
Particularly those who smoke. Even if you’re my friend, you better not smoking in front of my face. Take it away or just stop being my friend. Really. It’s just unhealthy and stupid habit. People should just realize the fact that smoking DOES kills – literally.

I’m that type of guy that secretly played with his own imagination.
Not in a dirty way, tho. I’m planning on writing a fantasy story and sometimes before I write everything down, I always played the scenario in my head. It’s kinda epic to me, haha. So next time if you saw me sitting alone, looking at something, gazing into the emptiness, that’s the time when my imagination plays its tiny theater.

I’m that type of guy that loves ice cream and a pair of shoes.
Those two things are things that could took my heart. I’m being serious here, c’mon. I love ice cream, vanilla to be exact, whether it is on a cone or cup. Also, I love collecting shoes and could take hours to shop for a pair. So of you’re planning to buy me a present, shoes are the thing and ice cream should be the dessert for our dinner, thank you.

Well, I guess that’s all I can share about me. These are facts, tho, I’m writing it with all my heart. Hope you enjoy my writing, and please comment what part of me that surprise you the most!

Have a nice day! 😄


2 thoughts on “That Type of Guy

  1. ………….wait….. what…. i think there is nothing surprised me which means i already knew all of them xD

    Btw, yeah, emojis rule!
    Text message without emoji is super flat, and boring. And because I’m the type of person who will overthink many things, I will be wondering whether the sender is mad at me or he/she doesn’t like or or or so on why he/she doesn’t emoji am I boring am I annoying omg I will apologize if he/she thinks like that shdyduwepx&^$$Hgffd%%

    /riweuh sendiri


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