It’s official; this week has been the worst week of my life.

I’m not complaining tho, I’m just hating the fact that the new school year is approaching and I had to deal with a terrible tooth problem. Yes, I just got a wisdom tooth.

First time discovered on Monday morning, I felt a horrible pain on my left jaw. I thought it was just a zit that appeared on my cheek, but no. My cheek was free of zits (although there’s two that asymmetrically appeared on my cheek). I checked my mouth by looking at the mirror and there’s nothing wrong, not even with my gum. I could endure the pain though, but the pain that felt like someone was punching my cheek every one minute is too disturbing. I can’t eat properly, my jaws hurt when I opened it, and several painful experiences that you can imagine once you had grown a wisdom tooth.

I went to pharmacy, bought a med for teeth (at first I thought it was just a simple tootache), and went on to took it, only found out that it was just a painkiller.

Yes, it worked but only for a moment.

At night, I couldn’t sleep very well, not without waking up every two hours thanks to the unimaginable pain of the ache. On Tuesday morning, I got my dad to take me to the dentist that was quite close to our house. When I got there, I got dental scaling (or deep-cleaning the teeth to remove plaque and its products), which is quite weird. Seriously, this is my first time of dental scaling and nothing that I felt at that time but weird. I can’t even describe the whole event, it was just an unusual experience for me.

I might come back to do regular scaling, but who knows.

At the end of the practice, the dentist told me that I had to undergone a surgery due to the fact that my tooth was growing out of place and it could be dangerous for me.

I was like, what the hell.

Dude, pulling out my teeth was quite an experience for me, but doing a surgery on my oral problem? Might as well kill myself 😦

I’m not making it as quite a fuss, but really, I’m all prepared for surgery. It’s just not now, not on this fricking oral. Heck, if I could, I would never wanted to underwent any surgery of some sort.

The second dentist, this one was quite a professional and could be considered senior in his field, that I went to yesterday, told me the other way around. My tooth was growing normally and it was just a gum that touches the growing tooth, said that I’ll be fine after a couple of days, taking meds and giving it a traditional treatment. He also said that it was a normal thing for those who’s entering his young-adult age to get a wisdom tooth; the quickest one to appear is when someone is 18 year old. I was told to take it easy and gave it sometime to heal.

I was blessed that I won’t need to do the surgery. Aside from the insane amount of money that my parent would take to pay the surgery, I wasn’t really liking the idea of destroying my oral condition, which I can safely say that it was quite normal in its own way.

This was not going to be my worst day yet. This was just a little dash of the life that I’m living in. I know some of you might think that “Hey, you’re just going to underwent a tooth surgery, no big deal.”, or “You’re just having a teeth problem, why making such a big fuss on it?”, but hey, that’s what makes someone’s life special, right? To have their very own experience. Something that others might or might not experienced even for once in their life.

Once again, I’m so happy that this problem turns out pretty good. It was a once in a lifetime thing that certainly won’t happen again.

I’m practically the silliest, happiest guy right now, thanks to the wisdom tooth.


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