The One About Growing Up (and Blog Updates!)

Finally! Back to my lovely day of writing after the hillbilly schedule of college and working on thesis. Hope I’ll be able to get back to my regular schedule of blogging; there’s a lot that I want to write about!

First, let’s talk growing up. I’ve been tackled by this topic since one of my friends is making a post about it (you can read her blog here) . You know, ever since I was in high school, I was always afraid of growing up. Thinking about jobs and the impending future seems cool and all, but once you’re in it, I don’t think I could manage. I’m 23 now and close to graduation, which mean I need to get a job soon (or continuing my study, if the plan would be executable). I’m legit scared whether I could land a good job or not, managing my salary, saving up for I-don’t-know-for-what-shit; it’s all brand new to me and I’m not 100% ready. Yet.

However, sometimes you just gotta man up and be prepared for the inevitable. Growing up might be sucks, but for whatever it costs, I have to be ready. I’ve been setting my “adult” mind, leaving any tendency of being such an ignorant brat who thought that the world only revolves around him, NO, I have to make the new me. The same old me but better. Same old guy who is sarcastic yet caring at some point, but with the volume turned up. I know it’s hard to change some points about yourself that had been around for a long time, but growing up means you got to be a better version of yourself (at least that is to me) and be able to choose your own path to set yourself as a person.

Regardless, I’m not entirely sure whether I would be able to cope with the ever-changing nature of people and society around me. But I always told myself what my old pal once told me, “Hey, just do what you think is right and stay you. Don’t let other changes you or dictate you to fulfill their standard. Set your own goal and do your best to reach it. And always remember to be happy.” I guess at the moment I have to do my best for my own good sake. I’m genuinely happy that everyone around me are doing such a good job too; some are getting a great job, some are continuing their study abroad, some are taking a volunteer acts, even some just keeping in touch with their adventurous side and that’s fine. As long as everyone happy, I’m happy, we’re all set for life. Growing up won’t be scary if you know how to handle yourself really well.

I refused to grow up, still, but sometimes it could also means you’re already coping with responsibilities, work, and etc. However, it doesn’t necessarily means you have to get rid of you inner child. Just keep it as a way to remind you that you were once a great kid with a lot of imaginations and brilliant view of life. Who said you have to eliminate your children-like attitude. As long as it is on a normal frequencies and not acting like a brat all day, you’re good.

In the end, all I’m thinking of growing up is, as sucky as it is, you have to educate yourself on being an adult yet still retaining your beatiful childish side. It never hurt to try to accept the fact that you are growing up and had to deal with responsibilities and stuff. I hate it, I really do — I still like being a snarky, laidback man, but for what it’s worth, growing up would possibly be the best thing that ever happen to someone.


Thank you for reading my thoughts up until this point! I really, really missed writing about the unspeakable truth and feeling, so it’s good to finally get the opportunity to blog again. Expect more updates on the blog as I’m trying to come up with a lot content to be written on my blog, like movie reviews or top 10 on stuff or something like that. Leave a comment if you have your own thought on growing up as well as what do you want me to write on about!

Be seeing you on the upcoming blog posts!

Stay awesome.



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