(Credit to my beloved mate who’s currently in Finland. Miss you, please be back soon!)

Ah, autumn.

Or fall, depends on your preference of saying the word.

I was bewitched by the beauty of autumn when I was visiting Australia on 2011. I was in high school back then, still a shy brat, and wasn’t as good and fluent in English as I am now. When I set my foot at the Melbourne International Airport and sensing the wet, chilly air that ran through my face and uncovered hands, a puddles that decorated the concrete path, small bits of rain dropped from the gray sky; at that very moment, I fell in love with autumn.

The image of leaves turning yellow, with its branches went thinner each days, cold early morning and windy afternoon, there is no way you wouldn’t like autumn. A perfect time of the year where you would rather snuggled in a warm, fuzzy blanket, with a fireplace crackling and a cup of hot chocolate by your side, accompanied by a good movie or book for your enjoyment.

Literally, best season ever.

I may have never experienced any other season but autumn, but at least I can safely say I’m really enjoying autumn more than spring, or winter, or even summer. Sure you can enjoy the time when flowers are blossoming everywhere during spring. Sure you can get yourself tanned on the beach during summer. Sure you can build your own interpretation of snowman during winter. But in autumn, food tastes better, weather is just right, a perfect snuggling time, and best of all, it’s cold. A special kind of cold.

I’ve always categorized myself as someone who loves cold. Heat is my enemy, which is why I kinda disliked my own hometown, thanks to its high level of humidity supported by the intense air pollution from nearby factories, the weather has gotten much hotter than ever. Alas, heat is my weakness. I enjoy cold weather for the sole reason that I won’t sweat like a cat in room full of heating pads (do cats even sweat tho?). Cold weather means that you have to eat warm foods, which is sick. I would love to enjoy a steamy bowl of noodles or chicken soup to warm myself up in the middle of cold autumn night. Even hot tea or coffee taste thousand times better if you had them on cold weather.

During autumn, leaves would fall to the ground. If you haven’t got the chance to play around a pile of autumn leaves, you should. Trust me, it’s fun as hell. You can throw them in the air, or hide inside the pile, or even had a picnic around it, it was fun. Surprisingly enough, autumn makes me liking a stroll too. Just enjoying a cold, breezy wind in the afternoon walk is simply a moment of solitude.

Man, I wish I could enjoy autumn again.


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