Four (Source: Dr. Odd)

Four is a magic number.

Four has always been my favorite number since I don’t know when. My affection towards this number happen when some of my earlier phone number were dominated by these numbers. Maybe ever since that time, I was really enchanted with four.


It also determines how many times I could eat my meals in a day. Well, common people would have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have special time that I called desserts for the sake of fullfilling my sweets craving. Eh, maybe I should call it snacks time too because I did have a snack once in a while. So it should be desserts/snacks time.


Four, ironically, is also a number of friends that I specifically can trust. This special group of people are the ones that I truly loved and respect, regardless of everything. Number might be increased, but who I am to let dishonest and disloyal people into my list, right? Everyone knows someone with name closely similar to Nanny and Zachary aren’t worthy of a friend like me since, apparently, they were so good at manipulation and we all know manipulators are the worst kind of people, am I right?


Was also a number of kittens that I had from my first momma cat that I took care. Sadly, two were poisoned by a filthy, nasty neighbor who also happened to be good at manipulation and sweet-talking. We had to get rid of other cats as well since they would probably going to poison them again, but we get to keep one and only one. He’s currently sick right now, but all well is well.


Comes after three and before five. There are four seasons; spring, fall, autumn, and winter, but all I care about is autumn. Four Great Elements; fire, water, earth, and wind, just like Avatar: Legend of Aang. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth are four “rocky” planets. Mammals heart contained four chambers. There are four common blood types; A, B, O, and AB, I’m an O but don’t trust other fellow O.



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