Finding One’s Self

Being a fresh graduate is sucks.

No, not because I wasn’t being grateful because I’ve finally passed one of the life’s milestone. It’s just that now that I’m officially no longer a university student, I might as well declare myself that I am now stepping into the first path of adulthood. It’s hard finding a job that suits your passion and love for something, but I’ll manage. I’ll try.

Now, as part of a weekly challenge that some of my friends decided to do to polish our writing/blogging activity, this week we decided to write about “life purpose”.

One sometimes wonder while they’re having an afternoon tea or when looking at the window while it is raining heavily out there, what is your goal in life; what do you want to do from the moment you feel “alive”; does your life actually meant something; or a purpose of you living in this momentary world.

To me, I find some prominent ones.

Since I-don’t-know-when, I’m always passionate about food and the process of making it. I still dreaming about owning a restaurant or a cafe or any other kind of eatery. In my spare time, it is no surprise that I would open YouTube, looking up any cooking videos and learning them through watching. It’s not enough, I know. In addition, sometimes I spend some time in the kitchen, familiarizing myself with the ingredients, utensils, and any kitchen terms that you would normally know. It’s still quite recent, but still. I’m not giving up on that dream. Not ever.

But one might just wonder why I decided to spend my four and a half-year worth of life studying William Wordsworth and Amy Tan, instead of going to culinary school or such.

Well, for a start, let’s say that I love studying English. With no intention to brag, I remember that I always ace my English exam and assignments in schools. I have a wider array of vocabulary compared those who went to additional English course. I occasionally speak by mixing English and my mother language. Thus, loving it so damn much, I decided to pick it as one of my selective major and I got in.

Voila, I got better as well. Yay.

Now that I got a lot improved, I decided to share my knowledge with others. I always find joy in sharing everything that I had to others, which, in this case, is my wide knowledge of English. Despite being a teacher had never actually my intention, now I find it as something that I want to pursue in life. I want everyone to get better in speaking or writing English, although some might despise the idea that learning a new language is a waste of time that you should spend more studying your own language. Trust me, those shallow thinking won’t take you anywhere in the world, not even a single step.

So, yeah, I guess one of my life purposes is to help people learning English as their second language. But what about my culinary dream? Well, it is still my one of my top priorities. Food business was currently happening, especially in a busy town that I’m currently living in at the moment. I still want to achieve that dream, even though I’m only a mere graduate from English major.

But, hey, someone gotta try their best here.

So in recap, don’t ever feel sad or confused if you haven’t managed to find your life purpose. We’re still young, there’s a lot of things to figure out, a long road still threaded ahead of us with several different paths for us to take. Don’t be afraid to take chances, even if it seems risky. Sometimes you have to experience a lot of ordeals or hardships, but by the end of the road, a pot of gold might be waiting for you (I rather have a box of ice cream tho). That goes for me as a person too.

Well, at the moment, I just want to be free and experience the world a lot more. I might be a home bound kind of guy, but hey, the world out there is bigger than we all know.

Who knows that more of my life purposes were out there, laying in waiting, eh?

“Some men see things as they are and say why – I dream things that never were and say why not.” (George Bernard Shaw)


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