Repello Labortum

Hello, readers!

Back again with the weekly challenge about “life”. This time we’re going to talk about the problems or obstacles or whatever you want to call it.

In life, you’d always find a problem, no matter where you are or what you do. They linger in every corners and turns, hiding between shadows, just there waiting to strike you. Big or small, they’d manage to bring you down. If you are weak, they might consume your inner consciousness, eating you from the inside until you realize that your outside had become a pathetic, rotten carcass. On the other hand, being strong is not enough. You might be able to fend them off, but eventually you’d get tired from it then they would finally going to feed themselves on your powerless soul.

Should you give up? Hell no.

Problems are like parasite; some are undying, some are temporary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of them. Speaking from my experience, the best way to deal with your problems is simply to confront them head-to-head. You might just need to be brave and a little bit sass, especially if your problems were caused by someone having their mind way too closed or something that bothers your existence as a human. You just gotta strike them head on, punch them with your words of truth. Human nowadays are no soft shell; you need to play and fight harder to get onto their head or else, they might get into yours. Had a little hope in yourself that you can take care of them just fine. You might feel a little bit tired dealing your problems all the way to the core, but in the end, it’s worth the time and everything that you had sacrificed.

Or, if you felt that they worth none of your time and you just don’t give a damn about the problem (and the source), you can just deflect them away from you.

I learn myself in a hard way possible that some problems shouldn’t be allowed to take their toll on you. Trust me, getting yourself caught up in an endless circle of problems just because someone is not man enough to admit that they are the true problem, it’s just painful. You would live your life hating yourself, hating on life, everything turns into negative zone for you. When that happen, best solution would be just to drive them away. Ignore the source, cut yourself out of it if you feel that your dealing with the problem won’t cause you any good. It’s stressful, believe me, you don’t want none of that to ever occur to you. I’ve been doing this kind of “method” ever since I found out that dealing with the problem and its core would only make even more problems to popped out like zits on a teenager’s sweet cheeks with their puberty going on.

Imagine yourself as a wizard or witch, like in Harry Potter, with your problems take form as Dementor or any other dangerous magical creatures. To deal with them, you simply had to remember a lot of charms and spells to fight off the creatures. For Dementor, we all know the only and only charm that was powerful enough to fend them off is Patronus charm. Simply thinking of your happiest memory and voila! – a silvery fog taking form of animals (if you’re successful) burst out of your wand, protecting you from the infamous and deadly Dementor’s kiss. Just make sure to never skip your Defense Against the Dark Arts class, even if Professor Dolores Umbridge is currently subbing the class.

Screw that bloody toad.

That was just a bizarre analogy on the way how you could treat life and the problems that it had.  With a determination and self-confidence, you would be able to fight them off. Yet skipping or turning them away does not makes you coward and it never will. It is simply your way of saying “I don’t have time to deal with the problems, it worth none of my time. It would only tire me down, anyway”. Hey, as long as you fought hard enough, everything will be just fine. Don’t be so hard on yourself just because you accidentally ate someone’s chocolate cake or someone is purposefully taking over the line when you are queuing for a summer sale. It’s one of the things in life that you should shook away from your shoulders and tell them to screw themselves.

Just remember; always make a beam of light in every dark corners of your life.


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