Fight or Run

Hello, peeps. I'm still going strong with this writing challenge, despite the fact that I'm publishing it a bit late due to some circumstances. Since last week we talked about life and the obstacles that it may have, this week we're going deeper into how to handle the problem and find the best solution to … Continue reading Fight or Run


Repello Labortum

Hello, readers! Back again with the weekly challenge about "life". This time we're going to talk about the problems or obstacles or whatever you want to call it. In life, you'd always find a problem, no matter where you are or what you do. They linger in every corners and turns, hiding between shadows, just … Continue reading Repello Labortum


Four is a magic number. Four. Four has always been my favorite number since I don't know when. My affection towards this number happen when some of my earlier phone number were dominated by these numbers. Maybe ever since that time, I was really enchanted with four. Four. It also determines how many times I … Continue reading Four