Four is a magic number. Four. Four has always been my favorite number since I don't know when. My affection towards this number happen when some of my earlier phone number were dominated by these numbers. Maybe ever since that time, I was really enchanted with four. Four. It also determines how many times I … Continue reading Four


How I am Right Now

​I wake up this morning as usual. There is nothing I worry about until I stand in front of my bathroom mirror. A glimpse of memory who I was yesterday, a month ago, even years ago enter my mind. Everything that has been passed for years suddenly appears. My eyes teary. I feel something inside my … Continue reading How I am Right Now


Skripsi yang senantiasa tertunda karena ibu dospem tak ada kabar. Kepanitiaan yang ujung-ujungnya entah mau dibawa kemana. Mau buru-buru sempro biar bisa plong atinya. Mata kuliah yang makin ribet meski jumlah makin sedikit. Habis lulus juga mau ngelamar kerja dimana dan jadi apa. Musim penghujan yang potensi bikin fisik dan mental menurun. You know what? … Continue reading Done.