Fight or Run

Hello, peeps.

I’m still going strong with this writing challenge, despite the fact that I’m publishing it a bit late due to some circumstances. Since last week we talked about life and the obstacles that it may have, this week we’re going deeper into how to handle the problem and find the best solution to eliminate them from your mind (or physique, if it is something material).

I have you know that I’m not a type of person who handle things calmly. I tend to charge things ahead, in this case my problems, recklessly, sometimes even ignoring the consequences and the aftermath. Always forgot to remain calm and content with things that life thrown at me. I vented like a madman, cursing everything and everyone on my path. I need to let you know that those aren’t going to work. Yes, sometimes being frontal is good, but just don’t ever let your recklessness takes the best of you. I learnt it in the worst way when I was a kid. Had a fight with someone-of-my-best-bud, took all my anger onto him, releasing hell and its dweller and broke a baseball bat. My face turned red, I cried, obviously, but that’s because I was so mad.

Why? Because I let anger took control of myself.

I was a kid, I’m aware of that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to handle my own problem. It’s kind of a running tendency of how being mad always been my sole solution to finish every damn problems. How I always thought that being angry would make the problems go away. How it would lessen the pain. You know what, it’s not. Sometimes you just gotta sit and think. Think everything through. You might find a solution there, laying deep in your ever crowded mind. Once you did, give yourself a time to pick up every pieces of the problems, analyze it, and noted down all the possible solutions for it. You might want to call your friends or parent for a bit of advice and wisdom if you feel necessary.

You’ll soon see that problems are meant to be solved, not by anger or any of your emotions, but with your mind.

You might figure out that problems might teach you something. Well, some problems don’t. Then what do you wanna do to them? I’d say just leave them. It’s not worth your time, it will tire you down eventually. It may not be the best solution per se, but you can’t all be optimistic all the time that your problems will be solved no matter how hard your struggle is. Imagine yourself as a character in role-playing games. You are going into a dungeon solo and kinda under-leveled. You spot a powerful enemy nearby. Would you strike them? Even if you do, what will happen? It will beat you down, and you’ll get no experience points from your defeat. Would it be good though, to spend hours and hours trying to defeat the enemy, knowing that, despite the struggle, you’re done anyway. Same thing goes for your problems. If you can’t face them, or they can’t be, just run. It’s not being coward; it’s about being wise.

Still, that was only my inner kid speaking, or writing. The mature part of me would think of numerous viable solutions of the problems, charge them head on, then solve it like a man. Don’t let yourself getting caught in the same circle of problems. Find a best solution with your friends over a cup of coffee if you feel stuck or need a wiser decision picker. You may feel like your problems are solution-less, but hey, like that possible. Every problems had their own solutions. You just gotta had yourself open to them, picked out what you think best for you and your problems. Like in every video games, choosing the right weapon for the right enemy will gain you victory.

Life is not that simple, even finding the solutions for its problems. But that doesn’t mean you just gotta give up. Stay strong and level-headed, don’t ever lose hope. Keep your friends close in case you need an emotional support. Solutions are there, somewhere, for you to find and charge away your problems with.

Don’t let your problems get the best of you.

Note: I’m finally able to log onto my computer after the wrecking news of those creepy malware that had been going around practically everywhere. Been letting this writing sitting on my document before I could actually uploaded it. Those malware thing really makes me paranoid as hell. Also, I am not a good advice giver, so this post might feel a bit dull and lack of meaning, but feel free to leave a comment or feedback below. Have a nice day!


3 thoughts on “Fight or Run

    1. Well all you gotta do is listen to their advice Fan, the rest is for you to make a decision on what you’re going to do. As long as you got them behind your back, you’ll be a-okay 👌


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